Agenda and draft minutes

Corporate Scrutiny Committee
Monday, 9th March, 2020 1.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 1 - Council Offices

Contact: Ann Holmes 01248 752518 

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Declaration of Interest

To receive any declaration of interest by any Member or Officer in respect of any item of business.


No declaration of interest was received.


Public Speaking Protocol - Scrutiny Committees pdf icon PDF 570 KB

To present the report of the Director of Function (Council Business)/ Monitoring Officer.


The report of the Director of Function (Council Business)/Monitoring Officer incorporating a Public Speaking at Scrutiny Protocol was presented for the Committee’s consideration and comment ahead of its submission to the Executive and subsequently to the Full Council to determine whether or not it be adopted.


The Portfolio Member for Corporate Business presented the Protocol to the Committee stating that it is designed to assist Scrutiny Chairs in their work without affecting their authority or powers and to provide the public with a clear and accessible process for making their views known to the scrutiny committees.


The Solicitor for Corporate Governance advised that recent legislative developments have emphasised a legal requirement to listen to the voice of the public and that public involvement is imperative when Councils are making decisions. Under the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill published in November, 2019 which it is anticipated will receive Royal Assent during the Summer of 2020, there is a duty to encourage local people to participate in local government. There are also practical reasons for introducing the Protocol in terms of ensuring consistency and transparency for the public, for Members and for Officers. The focus of the legislation is to enable local people to have their views heard in matters that affect or can affect them. Although public speaking in scrutiny committees is currently possible, as there is no published procedural guide, it may be that the public are unaware of their ability to do so. The Protocol provides an opportunity to put in place clear, fair and formal guidance to inform the public and Members of the Committee about the arrangements and to ensure that expectations about the public speaking process are managed. Subject to approval, the finalised Protocol will be published on the Council’s website as well as on social media sites to enable Scrutiny to reach the public including audiences it may not have reached previously.


With regard to the details of the Protocol, the Officer referred to the main provisions therein as follows –


           That Officers will undertake the administrative work under the Protocol in consultation with the relevant Scrutiny Chair;

           Members of the public can request to speak at a Scrutiny Committee meeting if they have submitted a written request to the Scrutiny Officer at least 3 working days prior to the Committee meeting. The written request must be made using the relevant form from the Council’s website and electronic submissions are encouraged.

           Any written submissions/documentation should also be made available 3 working days prior to the committee meeting at the same time as the request to speak is registered. This provides for a fair balance between allowing the individual sufficient time to register a request to speak and prepare the relevant information, and ensuring that Officers have enough time to make the necessary administrative arrangements including verifying the suitability of any material submitted. It also provides time for the Committee’s Members to prepare for the information presented.

           Members of the public  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


Performance Monitoring: Corporate Scorecard Q3 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 712 KB

To present the report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation.


The report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation incorporating the third Scorecard of the 2019/20 financial year portraying the Council’s position against its operational objectives at the end of Quarter 3 was presented for the Committee’s consideration and scrutiny.


The Portfolio Member for Corporate Business reported that at the end of Quarter 3 it was gratifying to be able to report that 86% of performance indicators continue to perform above target or within 5% tolerance of their targets and that the Council continues to improve in the exercise of its services.


The Programme, Business Planning and Performance Manager confirmed that the Quarter 3 Scorecard reflects one of the Council’s best performances since the scorecard monitoring report was introduced in 2013. For 2019/20 the performance monitoring KPIs have been aligned to the Council’s three strategic objectives; at the end of Quarter 3 the performance thus measured has been as follows –


           Under Objective 1 (Ensure that the people of Anglesey can thrive and realise their long-term potential) 9 out of the 13 KPIs are ragged Green.

           Under Objective 2 (Support vulnerable adults and families to keep them safe, healthy and as independent as possible) 12 out of the 17 KPIs are ragged Green.

           Under Objective 3 (Work in partnership with our communities to ensure that they can cope effectively with change and developments whilst protecting out natural environment) 4 out of the 6 KPIs are ragged Green and 2 are ragged Yellow.


In discussing the report the Committee requested further analysis and explanations from the Officers in relation to the following aspects of performance which were off-target. The Committee was advised that –


           With regard to Indicator (04b) – Total % of written responses to complaints within 15 days (Social Services) which was RED with a performance of 59% against a target of 80%, the Service is working with the Complaints Officer to improve performance and with team managers to ensure a timely response to complaints. However, the figure does not reflect the fact that in cases where the complaint is complex, the Service does ask for the complainant’s agreement to exceed the timescale and it keeps the complainant informed of the position. Whilst the Service responds promptly to the receipt of a complaint and also in discussing the complaint with the complainant it is only with regard to providing a written response that the Service is underperforming.

           With regard to Indicator 19 – Rate of people kept in hospital while waiting for social care per 1000 population aged 75+ which was RED on the scorecard with a performance of 6 against a target of 3, the new area based domiciliary care contracts are generally supporting people to be discharged quickly when they have established packages in place. However, due to the pressure of ensuring that reablement is provided to all people new to services, ensuring sufficient capacity is a challenge. To

address this, the Service is aiming to ensure that those receiving re-  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Progress Monitoring: Social Services Development Plan pdf icon PDF 603 KB

To present the report of the Director of Social Services.


The report of the Director of Social Services outlining progress to date with implementing the Social Services Development Plan was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


The Leader and Portfolio Member for Social Services reported that the update provides information about the work/activities that are or have been undertaken both in response to the CIW’s Local Authority Performance Review (Review Letter dated October 2019) and its monitoring visit to Children’s Services (feedback latter dated October 2019), and as part of the ongoing work of the Social Services Improvement Panel. The Service is aware of what needs to be done to meet the challenges of continuous improvement and remains committed to the task.


The Committee noted the information presented and sought assurance that the Service is managing the risk that is posed by increasing demand especially in relation to Adults’ Services budgets which are forecast to overspend by a significant amount by the end of the financial year. The Director of Social Services advised that the projected overspend is due in part to historic issues; the proposed budget for 2020/21 seeks to level out those areas where there has been historic overspend. The Service continues to scrutinise expenditure in Adults’ Services and has put in place a plan to monitor spend in this area and will report back to Scrutiny thereon. Managing expenditure in a demand led service is a challenge and Adults’ Services have recently been under pressure from high cost referrals some of which have transferred from Children’s Services and some of which are as a result of individuals moving into the area. An ageing population is also a contributing factor in the pressure on Adults’ Services. The Officer added that these pressures have been most keenly felt in the last two years and have translated into a service overspend for each of those years; prior to that Adults’ Services were performing to budget.


In response to a question about the value of the extra care facility at Hafan Cefni in reducing the pressure on Adults’ Services the Director of Social Services confirmed that in offering older people in the area an opportunity to live independently and as an alternative option to residential care the facility is proving valuable. The facility is now fully occupied and were all the residents of Hafan Cefni to be provided for in other ways then the pressure on Adults’ Services would have been more significant.


It was resolved –


           To confirm that the Corporate Scrutiny Committee is satisfied with the pace of progress and improvements made to date in Social Services, and that it

           Recommends to the Executive that progress and the pace of improvements in Social Services are adequate.




Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 637 KB

To present the report of the Scrutiny Manager.


The report of the Scrutiny Manager incorporating the Committee’s Forward Work programme to the end of April, 2020 was presented for consideration.


The Scrutiny Manager advised that since there is no matter scheduled to be discussed at the Committee’s April, 2020 meeting a resolution on whether to continue with the meeting is required. The Committee was agreed that in the absence of items for the April meeting, the meeting should therefore be cancelled.


It was resolved –


           To agree to the current version of the Forward Work Programme for 2019/20 subject to the cancellation of the Committee’s April, 2020 meeting.

           To note progress thus far in implementing the Forward Work Programme.