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7.1       FPL/2019/253 – Penfor, Church Bay


7.1  FPL/2019/253 – Full application for the conversion of outbuildings into two holiday units which includes alterations and extensions together with the installation of a package treatment plant at Penfor, Church Bay


The application was reported to the Planning and Orders Committee at the request of a Local Member. At its meeting on 5 February, 2020 the Committee resolved to visit the application site before determining the application. The site was visited on 19 February, 2020.


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Mr Wharmby (applicant) said that the mill and granary on site is of poor condition and without investment it is likely that the buildings will subside. The conversion of these outbuildings and mill to self-serviced holiday use will preserve such buildings that may be lost if investments is not generated to convert them. He further said that there have been concerns as to overlooking on neighbouring properties and amended plans have been submitted to mitigate local concerns. Mr Wharmby referred to concerns as regards to the impact of increased traffic during construction and operation of the holiday unit but noted that he considered that the extra traffic will not be substantial.


Councillor John Griffith questioned as to the purpose of conversions of the outbuildings at Penfor, Church Bay and whether the application could give

assurance that he would not be living in the properties. Mr Wharmby responded that planning policies prohibits residential use of the properties and they must be holiday accommodation. Councillor Griffith further expressed the view that the single track road to the site is narrow and the visibility at the nearby junction is poor; he questioned if the applicant intended to upgrade the road and access due to increased use from the development. Mr Wharmby responded that a Traffic Study has shown that only one accident has occurred within a ten mile radius to the site during the last 20 years. He further said that he is not the owner of the hedgerows near the junction therefore he would be unable to cut them down to improve the visibility splay of the junction.


The Planning Enforcement Manager reported that Listed Building Consent has already been granted for the building on site and no objections have been received by the statutory consultees as regards to the proposed application. The recommendation is of approval of the application subject to the Highways Authority’s response that conditional approval be afforded; that car parking provision be on site and the submission of a construction traffic management plan be submitted and approved before commencement of the development.


Councillor K P Hughes said that he was satisfied that the applicant had addressed the issue of overlooking on neighbouring properties. He referred to the local concerns as regards to the unclassified road to the proposed site which is a public footpath with no passing bays and the refuse lorry is unable to access. Councillor Hughes questioned if the visibility splay of the T-junction is sufficient. The Development Control Engineer (Highways) responded that following the submission of a Transport Assessment the Highways Authority are satisfied that the impact of the development on the surrounding road network will be minimal due to the low speed of traffic near the junction and there has been no incidents of accidents recorded. He further said that a Construction Traffic Management Plan has been requested as part of the proposed development.


Councillor Robin Williams proposed that the application be approved and Councillor Vaughan Hughes seconded the proposal.


It was RESOLVED to approve the application in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation subject to additional conditions as regards to car parking provision on site and the submission and approval of a construction traffic management plan before commencement of the development.


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