Council Services:

Committee details

Gwynedd and Anglesey Local Safeguarding Children Board

Purpose of committee

Children’s Champion.


  • Des Barker   
  • Sharron Williams Carter   
  • Mark Couchman   
  • Sara Lloyd Evans   
  • Dr Janet Horn or Dr Sian Owen or Shona Parry (substitute if required)   
  • Geraint Hughes (Celfyn Evans as substitute)   
  • Marian Parry Hughes  (Cadeirydd/Chair) 
  • Anwen Huws   
  • Rhys Jones   
  • Eleri Ann Jones   
  • Jane Marr   
  • Garem Jackson or Rob Jewell or Owen Owens   
  • DI Stephen Pickering  (Is-Gadeirydd/Vice-Chair) 
  • Sue Adams   
  • Chris Weaver   
  • Sharon Williams   
  • Furhana Williams   
  • Meinir Williams-Jones   
  • Stephen Wood   


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