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Hybrid Meeting - Council Offices, Llangefni/Virtually via Zoom, Corporate Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 22nd November, 2022 2.00 pm

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Venue: Committee Room 1 - Council Offices/Virtually via Zoom

Contact: Ann Holmes 01248 752518 

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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 248 KB

To present the minutes of the previous meeting of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee held on 19 October, 2022.


The minutes of the previous meeting of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee held on the 19 October, 2022 were presented and were confirmed as correct subject to including Councillor Geraint Bebb in the list of attendees.



Monitoring Performance: Corporate Scorecard Q2 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 911 KB

To present the report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation.



The report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation incorporating the Corporate Scorecard for Quarter 2 of the 2022/23 financial year was presented for the Committee’s consideration and comment.

Councillor Carwyn Jones, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Member for Economic Development, Leisure and Tourism in presenting the report highlighted a number of positive stories with respect to Quarter 2 performance as detailed within the report. In saying that the performance monitoring Key Performance Indicators are aligned to the Council’s current three well-being objectives he confirmed that all indicators related to well-being Objective 1 where the Council is working to ensure that the people of Anglesey can thrive and realise their long-term potential, are performing at a green level against their targets. Likewise, the indicators for Objective 2 where the Council is supporting vulnerable adults and families to keep them safe, healthy and as independent as possible are also performing well against target with only one of the 16 indicators shown to be underperforming. However, although performance against targets is overall green or yellow decreasing trends are emerging against a number of performance related indicators especially in relation to Well-being Objective 2. It is recognised that particular attention will need to be given to those indicators and the associated processes and work streams as winter approaches especially given the cost of living challenges and increasing food and fuel poverty within communities. The performance of indicators which monitor well-being Objective 3 where the Council works in partnership with communities to ensure that they can cope effectively with change and developments whilst protecting the natural environment has also been good with 70% above target.

In reviewing the performance data for Quarter 2, the Committee raised the following matters with the Officers and Portfolio Members –

·                The downward trend against a number of performance related indicators especially with regard to well-being Objective 2. The Committee in seeking further clarification of the areas where the challenges were expected to be greatest and the steps being taken to address and/or mitigate those challenges, also noted the need to monitor the areas ragged Yellow to ensure no deterioration in performance takes place.

The Committee was assured by Officers that performance monitoring happens on a number of levels via the Strategic Leadership Team, Heads of Services and the Transformation Service, and that it takes many forms. The Council also takes account of what is happening in the wider context which is a part of its strategic planning. Whilst performance indicators and targets are set for the year, mitigating measures such as additional resources for example can be introduced where the need has been identified and where it would help improve performance.

As many of the Yellow rated areas were in Children and Families Services, the Director of Social Services advised that it was difficult to predict how the Service’s PIs would perform come the winter period given that referrals are on the up and are becoming increasingly complex in nature while the number of social workers to undertake  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Census 2021 - Anglesey Population Data pdf icon PDF 676 KB

To present the report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation.


The report of the Head of Profession (HR) and Transformation incorporating information about the Council’s population demographic following the release of the 2021 census was presented for the Committee’s consideration.

Councillor Carwyn Jones, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Member for Economic Development, Leisure and Tourism in presenting the report said that it is based on the census first release on 28 June, 2022; future census releases will be evaluated and the report will be updated accordingly. The data presented highlights the changes in Anglesey’s population between 1981 and 2021 with regard to population density, number of households, population by age and regional changes and differences and is valuable in helping shape and plan services for the future. The headline statistics for Anglesey show that the Island’s population has decreased since the last census in 2011; the proportion of the population aged 65 or older has increased as has the size of the population aged 85 years or older and is forecast to continue increasing. While the proportion of the population aged 15 or under is currently stable it has declined since 1981; a more marked decrease is reflected in the size of the working age population which is down 4.2% on the 2011 census figure.

In considering the census data and its implications for service provision the Committee discussed the following –

·         The extent to which the data influences the structure and nature of the Council’s services in the long-term

The Committee was advised that the Council will need to adapt and recalibrate its budgets in order to prioritise funding and resources to those areas where the census data indicates they will be needed most e.g. an increasing older population as well as expanding its provision as regards housing, transport and community support. The challenge lies in achieving those changes incrementally so that current day to day provision is not impacted by long term strategic decisions. Of vital importance in countering the trend towards a predominantly ageing population is the Council’s drive to grow the economy of Anglesey by attracting investment and employment to the Island.

·         The ways in which Social Services will use the data to prepare for demographic changes

The Committee was advised that the increase in the 85+ population poses the greatest challenge as regards the type of provision that will need to be made as well as how and where it will be made. The Council continues to develop and expand its extra care provision as well as providing suitable housing for older people that is adaptive to their changing needs. The increasing number of older people with dementia for whom community provision is a risk, and the lack of family support as the population has become increasingly dispersed are factors which Social Services have to deal with meaning there is no one solution; addressing the situation requires a combination of different approaches and also means being clear and honest about what the Council can and cannot do.

·         The challenges in trying to provide suitable affordable housing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Ynys Môn Local Authority Report on School Sport Survey - Sport Wales pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To present the report of the Head of Regulation and Economic Development.


The report of the Head of Economic Development and Regulation incorporating the findings of the Sport Wales school sport survey was presented for the Committee’s consideration. The report provides information about Anglesey’s response to the survey in terms of pupils’ experiences of sport and compares regional and national data.

Councillor Carwyn Jones, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Member for Economic Development, Leisure and Tourism provided a summary of the report which showed that Anglesey’s responses exceed regional and national averages across a number of themes including frequency of participation in sports, membership of a community or sports club and enjoyment of PE and extracurricular sport.

The Committee considered the survey findings and welcomed the positive response of Anglesey’s pupils to the survey and their enthusiasm for participation. The Committee discussed the following matters with the Portfolio Member and the Commercial Leisure Manager who advised that the survey provides a good basis from which to take matters forward following the pandemic confirming also that the pandemic had increased awareness of the value of sporting activity and participation in keeping fit and healthy. Assurances were provided about current and planned activities to encourage and further increase pupils’ participation in sports:

·      The need to build on Anglesey pupils’ experiences of sport to further improve the sporting offer and increase participation

·       The existence of barriers in terms of responding to the needs and desires of pupils especially given that 94% of Anglesey pupils would like to do more sport including sporting activity that they have not tried before.

·      The need to find ways of reaching those pupils who do not enjoy participating in sports and PE as well as those who only participate infrequently.

·      Finding ways of improving young people’s confidence to engage in new sporting opportunities

·      The importance of working in partnership with other organisations. The input of the Urdd organisation was recognised and a suggestion made that collaboration be extended to include the Young Farmers’ Association.

It was resolved to note the contents of the report.



Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To present the report of the Scrutiny Manager.


The report of the Scrutiny Manager incorporating the Committee’s updated Forward Work Programme for 2022/23 was presented for the Committee’s confirmation.


The Scrutiny Manager advised that the exact timing of the 2023/24 Budget related items provisionally scheduled for consideration at the Committee’s 19 January, 2023 meeting is to be confirmed and is subject to Welsh Government’s timetable for announcing the initial local government financial settlement for 2023/24.

In response to a suggestion that in light of the number of items for the January meeting, an additional meeting be scheduled in the month, the Chief Executive advised that an additional date will be earmarked to consider the 2023/24 budget items.

It was resolved –


·         To agree the current version of the Forward Work Programme for 2022/23.

·         To note the progress thus far in implementing the Forward Work Programme.