Agenda and minutes

Virtual Meeting, Planning Site Visits - Wednesday, 18th August, 2021 10.00 am

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Venue: Virtual Meeting

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FPL/2020/215 - Full application for the erection of 23 dwellings (including 4 apartments) together with the creation of two new accesses and associated development on land adjacent to Lôn Lwyd, Pentraeth


Members were shown the site plan and the nature of the application was outlined. That part of the site subject to development was highlighted as were the development boundary to the village of Pentraeth, the main A5025 highway and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The detailed site layout was shown including accesses, proposed landscaping in the form of a new native hedgerow, proposed open space areas to include a children’s equipped play area and a communal orchard. The mix of units was explained. A video of the application site was shown taking in the view from the opposite side of the A5025 and the proposed access to the site was pointed out along with the proposed agricultural access enabling access to a field to the rear of the site.


The on-site view was shown and it was explained that the proposal would take up approximately half of the application site.


Questions were asked about highway and pedestrian safety. Members were informed that improvements to pedestrian access is proposed as part of the application.


FPL/2021/111 - Full application for change of use of agricultural land into holiday chalet site, siting 30 holiday chalet buildings, erection of reception building, engineering works to create lake, construction of private roads, construction of parking areas, soft and hard landscaping together with associated works on land at Penmynydd Farm, Caergeiliog


Members were shown a map which set the application site within its wider context and the A55, Caergeiliog and Bodedern were highlighted relative to the site. Background information about the nature of the application was provided. The site plan was shown which provided a context for the 3 subsequent videos. Also shown was the detailed site layout illustrating the positioning of the chalets, reception area, shop and café as well as the proposed leisure lake. Video 1 was of the view across the application site to the north-west; Video 2 showed the view from the private access track to the public highway and Video 3 showed the walk from the end of the access track across Junction 4 to the nearest bus stop. The final picture showed the application site relative to the two nearest bus stops.


Questions were asked about pedestrian safety and it was confirmed that the walk from the site access across Junction 4 entails crossing two slip roads.

The presence of tactile paving to denote safe crossing points was noted.


Councillor Llinos Medi, a Local Member highlighted additional points of information based on local knowledge.


FPL/2019/251/EIA - Full application for the erection of a free range poultry unit (egg production) together with a manure store, feeding bins and associated works at Cae Mawr, Llanerchymedd


Members were shown a Google map which set the application site in its wider context. The site plan was shown and the location of the proposed poultry unit and manure store and their dimensions were highlighted. Members were briefed about the nature of the proposal. The access to the application site from the main highway was pointed out along with areas of proposed landscaping. A stretch of hedge would be removed to accommodate the poultry unit. The Coed Cae Mawr wildlife site was also highlighted part of which includes an ancient woodland. A plan of the free range grazing area was also shown and the nearest dwellings to the application site were highlighted.

Members were shown a video of the access to the farm from the main B5111 highway; a new track to the proposed poultry unit would be required. The siting of the poultry unit, free range grazing area, manure shed and areas of proposed landscaping were highlighted. The view towards Llyn Alaw was shown.