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Virtual Meeting, Planning Site Visits - Wednesday, 20th July, 2022 9.00 am

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Venue: Virtual Meeting

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FPL/2021/336 - Full application for alterations and extensions to health centre, the construction of new parking spaces together with soft landscaping at Llanfairpwll Health Centre, Penmynydd Road, Llanfairpwll


The Senior Planning Office provided a brief overview of the application and Members were shown the site plan. Members were shown two videos – the first showed the access to the application site and associated visibility, the perspective from the access towards the health centre along with 3 proposed additional parking spaces to the front of the building and 2 to the side.  The area to the rear of the building was also shown where the proposed extension was to be sited to accommodate 5 consulting rooms. Members were informed that the proposed extension would not run along the whole length of the rear of the health centre. The trees to the rear of the health centre were shown some of which are proposed for removal as part of the proposal. The second video showed the view towards the health centre from the neighbouring playing field.

In response to a question about the number of trees to be felled and whether it was intended to erect a fence along the boundary with the playing field, the Senior Planning officer confirmed that five trees are proposed for removal, and that the current fence would be retained. The tree stumps would be preserved to allow future growth.

In response to a further question about the impact of the extension on the nearby Llys Marcwis flats through overlooking, the Senior Planning Officer confirmed that the proposed extension is modest in size; additionally the new consultation rooms will have rear facing windows looking towards the woodland and will not overlook the flats.

Councillor Alun Mummery, a Local Member said that the site visit had been requested due to concerns about the sufficiency of the parking provision; he provided background information about the application site and the health centre and referred to historical parking issues.