Agenda and minutes

Virtual Meeting, Planning Site Visits - Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 10.00 am

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HHP/2022/46 - Tan yr Allt Bach, Llanddona


Members were informed that arrangements were being made for the Committee to re-visit the application site in person.



FPL/2022/189 - Bilash, Dew Street, Menai Bridge


Members were shown the satellite view of the application site. A video of the lane down to the application site off Dew Street was shown and a second video showed the subject building in its context relative to the surrounding buildings along with the route back along the lane to Dew Street.


In response to questions about ease of access and occupation of the building, the Senior Planning Officer confirmed that the Highways Service is satisfied with access and parking arrangements and that the subject building is currently occupied.


Councillor Robin Williams, as a Local Member highlighted concerns with regard to access especially for emergency vehicles such as a fire engine given the narrow approach to the building, the substandard appearance of the building as a dwelling in a conservation area and its being out of place amid predominantly commercial premises.



FPL/2022/53 - Cae Braenar, Penrhos, Holyhead


Councillor Robin Williams, declared a prejudicial interest in this application and withdrew from the meeting during the virtual site visit.


Members were shown a satellite view of the application site and access. The first video provided a closer view of the access and locality including single storey properties immediately adjoining the application site in Cae Braenar. A second video showed a wider view of properties in the surrounding area which included two storey properties. A third video showed the road from the access and application site through Cae Braenar to the highway taking in a three storey block of flats at a distance from the site.


Members were also shown the site map and the type of housing units proposed as part of the development.



HHP/2022/230 - Dinas Bach, 5 Ystad y Fron, Aberffraw


Members were shown a satellite view of the application site along with the site plans and the two proposed single storey extensions. The first video showed the perspective from the estuary which set the subject property in its context relative to surrounding properties. The second video showed the view from the garden of the next door property, 4 Y Fron including the boundary with number 5 and existing attached flat roof garage that would be demolished as part of the proposal and replaced with a single storey extension. Members were informed that the new proposed extension would be 0.8m wider than the existing garage and therefore 0.8 m closer to the boundary with 4 Y Fron. The third video showed the view from the access to 5 Y Fron as well as the proposed siting of the second single storey extension on the other side of the property and the estate road and neighbouring properties.




VAR/2022/41 - 1 Blue Water Close, Trearddur Bay


Members were informed that work had commenced before the conditions noted above were discharged hence the application. Planning consent has been safeguarded through a lawful use certificate on the basis that a material start has been made with regard to previous outline planning permission and reserved matters approval. A satellite view of the site was shown and the substance of the approved application for 6 residential dwellings was outlined. A video of the application site and access was shown; a second video showed the access from the site to the highway and a third video showed the immediate locality including a property nearby which had been subject to past flooding,  the view along the road serving Trearddur Road estate and the mix of property types to be found thereon.


Members were shown the site plan as approved; the proposed changes as regards design and the re-siting of two of the dwellings as part of the current application were explained.



FPL/2022/172 - Fferm Eirianallt Goch Farm, Carmel, Llanerchymedd


Members were shown a satellite view of the application site and relevant buildings. A series of videos were shown with Video 1 providing a view of the subject building from the front, side, and rear elevations; Video 2 set the context showing the view from the yard and access; Video 3 provided footage from the access to the highway and Video 4 showed the view from the yard along the access road past Eirianallt Goch which was originally approved as an agricultural dwelling and Erw Las, a second permitted agricultural dwelling within the farm complex. Video 5 showed the view of the farm complex from the highway.


The site plan was also shown which provided details of the proposed conversion. The location of the application site was confirmed as off the B5112 road between Llanerchymedd and Trefor.