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Remainder of Applications

12.1 – FPL/2021/56 – Cae Llechwen, Llangristiolus, Bodorgan


12.2 – FPL/2019/338 – Cerrig, Penmon



12.1  FPL/2021/56 – Full application for an extension to the dwelling, the creation of an annexe, an extension to the curtilage and a diversion of a public footpath at Cae Llechwen, Llangristiolus


The application was presented to the Planning and Orders Committee at the request of a Local Member as it is considered that the proposal would not have a negative impact upon the area or on any neighbouring dwellings.


The Development Management Manager reported that the existing property is a single storey dwelling and the proposal involves the erection of a 2 storey extension to the main dwelling.  The application refers that this is an extension to the existing dwelling and the creation of an annexe, however, the extension is clearly of the scale of a new dwelling and it is the intention of the applicant to move from Rhostrehwfa to Cae Llechwen to continue with the running of the farm and to care for an elderly relative.  The existing dwelling has a floor area of 93.81 square metres whilst the proposed extension will have a floor area of approximately 185.23 square metres.  She further said that the application site is located in an open countryside location where new development is contrary to planning policies.  However, there are exceptions to these policies where there is a need for dwellings to sustain a countryside venture and evidence would be required to show conformation with such planning policies and that they meet the exemptions for rural enterprise dwellings. 


Councillor Eric W Jones and a Local Member gave a background to the family history of the applicant and the needs of the family for such a dwelling at Cae Llechwen to avoid having to travel daily to and from the farm.  He considered that the extension to the dwelling would fit into the area as there are no immediate neighbours close to the site and would not have a negative impact upon any residential properties.  Councillor Eric W Jones proposed that the application be approved contrary to the Officer’s recommendation. 


Councillor K P Hughes said that he did not agree with the recommendations of the Officer’s as he was not aware that there was restrictions nor guidelines as to the size of an extension.  He noted that the extensions would have no detrimental effect on neighbouring dwellings and he said that such young families should be supported.   Councillor Hughes seconded the proposal of approval.


Councillor John Griffith said that the application would entail a new dwelling in the countryside and he proposed that the application be refused in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation.


Councillor Dafydd Roberts said that if the extension to the dwelling is considered essential there are relevant processes to attain planning permission through the relevant planning policies.  The Development Management Manager responded that planning policies oppose building dwelling within the countryside, however there are exceptions where a person needs to be having to live on the site and they meet the exemptions for rural enterprise dwellings.


Councillor Roberts seconded the proposal of refusal.


It was RESOLVED to refuse the application in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation.


12.2  FPL/2019/338 – Full application for the part removal of the existing concrete sea defence wall and the erection of a replacement sea defence wall in its place on the boundary of Cerrig, Penmon


          The application was presented to the Planning and Orders Committee at the request of Local Members.


 Councillor Alun Roberts, a Local Member said that due to local concerns and environmental implications he requested the Committee to undertake a virtual site visit of the application site to gain a better understanding of the implications of approving the application. 


Councillor Robin Williams proposed that a virtual site visit be carried out on this site.  Councillor T Ll Hughes MBE seconded the proposal of a virtual site visit.


It was RESOLVED to conduct a virtual site visit in accordance with the Local Member’s request.

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