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 7.1  FPL/2021/136 – Full application for the conversion of the outbuilding into a holiday letting unit together with alterations and extensions thereto at Wylfa, Bangor Road, Benllech


The application was presented to the Planning and Orders Committee as the applicant is related to a ‘relevant officer’ as defined within paragraph 4.6.10 of the Council’s Constitution.  The application has been scrutinised by the Council’s Monitoring Officer as required under paragraph of the Constitution. At its meeting held on 1 December, 2021, the Committee resolved to visit the application site.  A virtual site visit subsequently took place on 15 December, 2021. 


Councillor Margaret M Roberts, a Local Member said that the application is for the conversion of an outbuilding at the rear of the property for a one bedroomed holiday letting unit.  She said that it was evident at the virtual site visit that the outbuilding will become a ruin if no work is undertaken on the outbuilding.  The location of the outbuilding is within the applicant’s curtilage and there is adequate parking to accommodate such a development.  The local Highways Authority has not submitted any objection to the development.  Councillor Roberts said that applications for large holiday units have been submitted in the area over recent years. She asked the Committee to approve this application as this was a single unit holiday accommodation by a local resident. 


The Development Management Manager reported that planning policy TWR 2 within the Joint Local Development Plan relates to holiday accommodation.  He referred to Criterion v – which requires that the proposal does not lead to an over-concentration of such accommodation within the area.  Furthermore, section 4.6 of Supplementary Planning Guidance Tourism Accommodation and Facilities aims to define the issue of over-concentration with paragraph 4.6.1 stating that a high number of holiday accommodation or a concentration of holiday accommodation in a specific area can have a detrimental impact on the social fabric of communities.  He further referred to Paragraph 4.6.5 which was referred to within the Officer’s report.  The Planning Management Manager also referred to the most recent Council Tax data that shows that the proportion of second homes and self-catering holiday accommodation in the Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf Community Council area is 18.47%, which is above the 15% threshold.  It is recognised that some exceptional circumstances can arise where there are clear advantages to allowing holiday accommodation in an area that already has a high number of holiday accommodation and second homes beyond the 15% threshold; these exceptional cases include: An enterprise associated with rural diversification and a proposal that would involve preserving and making alternative use of a listed building of historical value.   Neither of these apply to this application, consequently it is therefore considered that the proposal would lead to an over-concentration of holiday accommodation in the area and consequently the proposal fails to accord with the provisions of policy TWR 2 of the Joint Local Development Plan.   The recommendation is of refusal of the application as it would lead to an over-concentration of holiday accommodation within the area.


Councillor K P Hughes said that he considered that the proposal conforms with planning policies PCYFF 1, PCYFF 2 and PCYFF 3 and also conforms to high quality design, setting and appearance and would afford work for local craftsmen and builders merchants.  He further said that he disagreed that the development would lead to over-concentration of holiday accommodation in the area as the village of Benllech is very popular with visitors to the Island.  Councillor K P Hughes proposed that the application be approved contrary to the Officer’s recommendation.


Councillor Vaughan Hughes seconded the proposal of approval of the application as the development is for a one bedroomed holiday unit for the benefit of a local resident to the village of Benllech. 


It was RESOLVED to approve the application contrary to the Officer’s recommendation as it was deemed that the development conforms with planning policies PCYFF 1, PCYFF 2 AND PCYFF 3 and it was considered that the development would not lead to an over-concentration of holiday accommodation within the area.


(In accordance with the requirements of the Council’s Constitution, the application was automatically deferred to the next meeting to allow Officers the opportunity to prepare a report in respect of the reasons given for approving the application).


Councillor John Griffith abstained from voting. 



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