Agenda item

Independent Sector Care Home Fees 2022/23

To submit a report by the Head of Adults’ Services.


The report of the Head of Adults’ Services with regard to the proposed level of independent sector care home fees for 2022/23 was presented for the Executive’s consideration.


Having declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this matter, Councillor Richard Dew withdrew from the meeting for the discussion and voting thereon.


The Chair and Portfolio Member for Social Services presented the report and recommendations therein to the Executive stating that the Local Authority is required to review independent sector care home fees annually to coincide with Central Government’s changes to benefits and pension levels. In setting levels for independent sector care homes, the Council needs to show that it has fully considered the costs of the provision in determining its standard care fees. This is done in collaboration with the other Authorities in North Wales and the Health Board by utilising a Regional Fee Methodology as done in previous years.  The Authority will continue to use this model for 2022/23 which has reflected legislation changes in terms of pensions, national living wage and inflation. The North Wales Methodology fee recommendations are shown in Table 1 of the report.


The Head of Adults’ Services advised that following discussion with the Section 151 Officer, the Authority is proposing to use the Regional methodology for Residential Care and for the Nursing Care (Social Care element). The Service is recommending that the fees for Elderly Mentally Infirm EMI and Nursing EMI are increased by 12% as this has been identified as an area of demand where the Authority wishes to encourage further provision. The Service is recommending that the ROI for Nursing EMI placements remains at 12% whilst the ROI for Residential EMI remains at 10% in recognition of the pressures in this area. Consistent with the strategic direction the Council is taking in developing alternatives to residential care in the form of Extra Care Housing and care at home, and having due regard to the affordability of the increase proposed for residential care homes, it is proposed to set a lower return on investment of 9% as in previous years. The Anglesey proposed fees for 2022/23 are set out in Table 2 of the report but do not include the Local Authority Free Nursing Care (FNC) element on nursing fees as the percentage uplift has yet to be agreed.


It may be necessary to consider individual submissions from providers regarding the fees proposed. Exceptions to the fee rates will be considered if there is clear evidence to indicate that the fee set is not sufficient in any individual case. It is proposed that any such decisions are delegated to the Portfolio Member, Director of Function (Resources)/Section 151 Officer and the Head of Adults’ Services.


It was resolved –


·         To acknowledge the North Wales Fee Methodology as implemented hitherto by the Authorities in North Wales as a basis for setting fees in Ynys Môn during 2022/23 (Appendix 1 to the report).

·         To approve the recommendation to increase the fee level as follows:


Residential Care (Adults) £636.80

Residential EMI £707.17

Nursing Care (Social Care Element) £703.79 + Local Authority FNC element (TBC)

Nursing (EMI) (Social Care Element) £800.88 + Local Authority FNC element



·         In line with other authorities, to authorise the Social Services and Finance Service to respond to any requests from individual homes to explore their specific accounts and to utilise the exercise as a basis to consider any exceptions to the agreed fees. Any exceptions to be agreed with the Portfolio Holder, the Director of Function (Resources/Section 151 Officer and the Head of Adults’ Services from within current budgets.


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