Agenda item

Isle of Anglesey Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plan

To submit a report by the Head of Highways and Property.


The report of the Head of Service (Highways, Waste and Property) incorporating the Isle of Anglesey EV Charging Action Plan Summary was presented for the Executive’s consideration.


Councillor Bob Parry, OBE, FRAgS in presenting the EV Charging Action Plan Summary said that it links into the previous item in supporting the Council’s objective of becoming a net zero organisation by 2030. Delivering the EV Action Plan is dependent upon securing external funding; adopting the Plan will provide the Council with a platform to make strong evidence based bids for such funding and provide a consistent approach for the delivery phase.

The Head of Service (Highways, Waste and Property) reported that the EV Action Plan is about installing EV charging points at the Council’s assets for use by the Council’s staff and vehicles and also where appropriate, for the public to use; any private provision will be in addition to that of the Council. Given that the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles is planned to end in 2030, it is important that the Council should have a plan in place to be ready for the shift to electric vehicles; a Fleet Transition Plan is being prepared separately to explain and demonstrate how the Council will be decarbonising its own fleet vehicles. The EV Action Plan is ambitious and its delivery is subject to securing external grant funding; the full costs are subject to confirmation with further research work needed with regard to the types of charging infrastructure required and the availability of a power supply. The Council is in discussion with Welsh Government and Scottish Power on these matters. The Action Plan in demonstrating the Council’s commitment to implementing a charging infrastructure that meets the requirements of the Island’s residents and visitors, and in being clear on how it proposes to make that happen, means the Council will be well placed to take advantage of grant funding opportunities as and when they become available. It should be noted also that the Council’s EV charging infrastructure will be fully bilingual and will comply with Welsh language legislation.


The Senior Engineer (Strategic and Sustainable Transport) advised that the EV Charging Plan will contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector from an Anglesey perspective and is in alignment with Llwybr Newydd – The Wales Transport Strategy which sets the framework for decarbonising the transport sector in Wales as a whole, and the EV Charging Strategy for Wales. He referred to the challenges in delivering the Plan with funding and power supply among the most significant. Monitoring developments as technologies evolve and new ones are introduced will also be important to ensure the Council remains up to date in what is a new and changing sector. However, the Action Plan will provide a sound baseline on which to build and move forwards.


The Chair confirmed that the Corporate Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 28 February, 2022 had endorsed the Action Plan with questions being asked about  the development of alternative technologies such as hydrogen,  tariffs for public use of charging points and the Council’s approach to enforcement in cases where vehicles overstay charging times.


Councillor Carwyn Jones, Portfolio Member for Economic Development and Major Projects referred to the eight principles set out in the plan which will govern the Council’s approach in providing a range of charging facilities which he believed capture the key considerations and provide a sound foundation for moving forwards. He highlighted that the Council has been engaged in decarbonising activities for a number of years and that this work is now being drawn together in plans that will take the Council forward and help it meet the challenge of scaling up the EV charging infrastructure on the Island as the number of electric powered vehicles grows.


It was resolved –


·         To approve the Isle of Anglesey EV Charging Plan Summary (the more detailed technical document named The Isle of Anglesey Electric Vehicle Charging Plan is available on request).

·         To endorse the development and submission of external funding applications to progress delivery.

·         To endorse consideration of EV charging infrastructure requirements in the Council’s new Capital Strategy (to be developed) and on a case by case basis when capital infrastructure projects are developed and implemented (including housing, business units, schools; modernisation, extra care provision town centre regeneration and coastal/tourism infrastructure etc.



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