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7.1 – FPL/2021/316 – Bryn Glas, Llanrhuddlad



 7.1  FPL/2021/316 – Full application for the change of use and refurbishment of two agricultural buildings into a commercial laundry together with improving the access at Bryn Glas, Llanrhuddlad


(Having declared a personal and prejudicial interest with regard to the application, Councillor K P Hughes withdrew from the meeting during discussion and voting thereon).


The application was presented to the Planning and Orders Committee at the request of a local member.  At the meeting held on 2 March, 2022 the Committee recommended that a virtual site visit be undertaken to the application site.  A virtual site visit subsequently took place on 18 March, 2022. 


Public Speakers


The Legal Services Manager read out a statement by Ms Laura Simons who had previously registered to speak at the meeting but was unable to attend due to work commitments.


The statement by Ms Simons was as follows :-


What is the point to a business being in the most northerly point in Wales.? Ecologically and environmentally it is obscene. We should not be encouraging businesses to set up where a lot of travelling is needed. Better sites are already in industrial parks. Why spend thousands here when units are available more accessibly nearer the A55, which would better serve this kind of industry?.e.g Parc Cybi. What are the future plans? I wouldn't spend thousands if I would not make a profit. So why are they ?




1.  Children use the road beside this property to get to their school bus...THERE IS NO FOOTPATH. So during winter its dark and a real danger as this very small lane is on a BLIND bend. No speed limit is in place and no traffic calming.

2.  Villagers use this lane to walk around the do Horse riders, cyclists, parents with buggies, and dog walkers. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY AROUND THE VILLAGE. Again no paths.

3. Noise and light pollution is constant. Opening hours are therefore irrelevant. Boilers and sensor lights would still be working.

4. Where will the waste go? What happens to detergents? Ammonia? Can the drains deal with this? Steam explosion.

5. Locally I see no market for this? Concern for expansion and longer hours.

6. Loss of quality of life for a mostly elderly population.


An email, received by Ms Simons was also read out as follows :-


Whilst everyone is of the opinion that we want to welcome new business to Anglesey it should never be at the detriment to quality of life in Llanrhuddlad.  Most people that live here seek a peaceful retirement. We already have no speed limits in the village.  No pavements and no signage for junctions make it dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians to move around the village which is used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Any increase to movements around the proposed development will further endanger users.


Security lighting will affect sleep quality and wildlife. Assurances need to be made that lighting will not be on 24hrs or machinery running throughout the night.  Due consideration needs to be given to quality of life. We just want our voice to be heard.


Mr Tom Alexander, in support of the application, said that he was speaking on behalf of the William Thomas Estate as the manager of the Trust.   It is understood that there is concern on behalf of some of the neighbours at Bryn Glas regarding the potential impact of the business which is intended to be established on this site and so he would like to take the opportunity to address this.   It was emphasised that there will be absolutely no change to the current footprint or profile of the two agricultural buildings concerned, any changes to the buildings will be in exterior appearance only and will be enhancements of what are currently run down and neglected units.  It has been set out in the application some of the planned planting and landscaping which is intended to take place, so it is clear that this development will only enhance the appearance of these buildings.  The other area of concern is the potential for increased traffic disruption resulting from an active business at this location. Currently this site is in agricultural use and it would argued that at the moment there are far more movements of large, dirty and noisy agricultural vehicles in and out of this site than there will be when operating as a laundry.   The largest vehicle that is intend to operate from the site will be a light commercial vehicle so there will be no large lorries or similar coming to and from this site.   If this development is approved, neighbours will see a reduction in the size and the number of vehicles using the access road and with the improvements to the entrance set out in the application, the junction with the public road will be made safer for all local traffic.


It was emphasised that the scale of any business on this site is limited by the physical size of the buildings and the access road to the site. It is hoped that the business is successful but given the constraints of the site we cannot develop anything beyond the scale of what is set out within the application. Any development beyond this would have to take place elsewhere or would involve the relocation of the whole business to a site more suited to a larger operation.   Overall, it is believed that this is a potentially important development for the village of Llanrhuddlad which will enhance a rundown site, provide local employment and the only noticeable affect for the neighbours will be an improvement in the junction with the public highway.


The Chief Planning Officer reported that the application is for the conversion of 2 agricultural buildings to form a commercial laundrette which will serve holiday lets, hotels and guest houses on Anglesey.  He further said that planning policies support such reuse and conversion of rural buildings, use of residential properties or new build units for business/industrial uses and therefore is the primary policy in assessing the principle of this proposal.  The development will utilise 2 existing buildings and no extensions are proposed to which as part of this application, it is therefore considered that the scale of the proposal is acceptable.  The planning statement has identified that the proposal fills a gap in the existing market which is currently outsourced off the Island and therefore it is not considered that the proposal would impact the viability of nearby uses.  A structural survey formed part of the submission and demonstrated that the building was structurally sound and capable of being converted as shown on the proposed plans.  To ensure that the development is not to the detriment of the amenities of neighbouring properties, a condition will be imposed on the consent which restricts the hours of opening as can be seen within the Officer’s report.  Issues in regard to the capacity of the local highway network has been raised, however the Highways Department had no objection to the scheme and were satisfied with the visibility splay which can be achieved and the transport statement that was provided.  The Chief Planning Officer further said that there has been concerns raised due to the light pollution from the site and he considered that a condition could be imposed to regulate the external lighting on the development.  He further said that 2 permanent and 2 part-time roles will result from any approval of the application.  The recommendation was of approval of the application.


Councillor Robin Williams proposed that the application be approved, subject to an additional condition as regards to the external lighting be regulated on the site.  Councillor Eric W Jones seconded the proposal.


It was RESOLVED to approve the application in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation subject to the conditions contained within the written report together with an additional condition that external lighting be regulated at the site. 


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