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7.1  FPL/2022/51 – Plas Rhianfa, Glyn Garth, Menai Bridge





7.1 FPL/2022/51 – Full application for the erection of a 6 bedroom ancillary accommodation building together with associated development at Plas Rhianfa, Glyngarth, Menai Bridge


The application was reported to the Planning and Orders at the request of the Local Members.


The Development Management Manager reported that the proposed building would be located on the site of the existing disused tennis court within the ornamental garden grounds of the existing Plas Rhianfa hotel. The application was originally submitted for a two storey, 8 bedroom ancillary accommodation building but has been amended on account of concerns raised by consultees regarding the design, scale and impact of the proposal on the character and appearance of the adjacent listed building and the locality. The revised proposal for a single storey 6 bedroom building is now clearly subservient in terms of height and scale. Other amendments have also been made which address the Local Planning Authority’s concerns about the initial proposed gable end of the extension which is the principal view from the gardens which was considered to be stark in its appearance and incongruous with the Victorian ornamental garden grounds. With regard to consultees, CADW is satisfied with the amended proposal and the Highways Authority is likewise satisfied with the proposed parking arrangements which provide 65 spaces on site for 36 bedrooms which is almost double the number required by parking standards. The parking provision is also considered adequate taking into consideration staff and other parking needs. The applicant will however be required to submit a Construction Traffic Management Plan to mitigate any impacts on the highway during the construction phase and to ensure highway safety. While concerns were also raised about potential light spill, given the subservient nature of the proposed building, its being attached to a three storey building and surrounded by trees, no issues have been raised on this basis by Natural Resources Wales nor the Authority’s Landscape Advisor. The recommendation is therefore to approve the application.


Councillor Alun Roberts, a Local Member said that he was pleased that concerns raised by himself in the virtual site visit and by local residents with regard to traffic, light pollution, tree preservation and the original larger scale proposal have been addressed. He welcomed the fact that the traffic situation would be conditioned saying that the highway by the application site is busy and that accidents have occurred especially where two roads from Llandegfan join opposite the Plas Rhianfa Hotel. He said that he still had some concerns about on road parking in the vicinity of the Hotel particularly in terms of its affecting visibility but hoped that this would be mitigated by condition on consent.


The Committee sought further clarification of the traffic situation in and around the application site to which the Highways Group Engineer responded by confirming that Lon y Mawr and Lon Bryn Teg converge by the site, the one being a registered highway and the other a lane that is not available for use as a public highway. While a traffic mirror helps motorists exiting existing accesses, it is considered that it is the road layout rather than parking that affects visibility in this area. The Officer confirmed that although he did not have accident statistics for the highway to hand, the area by the Hotel is not considered an accident hotspot.


Councillor Robin Williams proposed, seconded by Councillor John I. Jones, that the application be approved in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation.


It was resolved to approve the application in accordance with the Officer’s recommendation and report subject to the conditions set out therein.


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