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Gwynedd and Ynys Môn Public Services Board Annual Report 2021/22

To present the report of the Chief Executive.


Submitted – a report by the Chief Executive in relation to the above.


The Chief Executive reported that the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) 2015 places a duty on public bodies to improve the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. The act is based on the principle of sustainable development and places a duty on public bodies to set and publish well-being objectives and to take all reasonable steps to achieve those objectives.  The Act also established Public Service Boards with representation from key public bodies.  Every five years the Public Services Boards must prepare and publish an assessment of the state of economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being in their areas and use this as the basis of the Well-being Plan for the following five years.  He noted that working in partnership has focused on six key areas over the 2017-2022 Well-being Plan for Gwynedd and Anglesey i.e. The Welsh language, Homes for local people, the effect of poverty on the well-being of our communities, the impact of climate change on the well-being of communities, Health and Care of Adults and the Welfare and achievement of children and young people.  The Chief Executive said that it is accepted that a monitoring framework is required to highlight that the Public Services Boards and the partnership working within the Boards add value in the main areas that the partnership has focused upon over the last 5 years. 


The Gwynedd and Anglesey Public Services Board Programme Manager reported on the membership of the Public Services Board.  The work of the Public Services Board is subject to scrutiny by the designated Scrutiny Committees of both Gwynedd and Anglesey local authorities and a report is submitted twice yearly.  She noted that with the support of the team at Co-production Wales, workshops have been held to enable the members of the Public Services Board to reflect on whether current priorities are still relevant and to review the role and purpose as a Board going forward.  The Board members are eager to make a meaningful contribution to the partnership landscape without duplicating the work of other partnerships and so the next Well-being Plan will be clear about whether the Public Services Board has a leadership or delivery role in relation to the Well-being priorities.  It is intended to publish the final Well-being Plan with detailed goals in May 2023.


The Committee considered the report and made the following main points:-


·           Reference was made that previously it has been reported that the partner organisations have not been regularly attending the Public Services Board.  Questions were raised as to whether the attendance at the Board has increased recently.  The Programme Manager responded that there are statutory representatives that have to attend the Board meetings and it is intended to revisit the membership of the Board to ascertain whether other representatives from other organisations can be invited to attend.  The Chief Executive said that both the Leader of the Isle of Anglesey County Council and the Leader of Gwynedd Council attend the Board meetings and moving to virtual meetings has increased attendance at the Board meetings;

·           Reference was made that the Public Services Board does not wish to duplicate the services provided by other organisations.  Questions were raised as to the numerous other established organisations that publish strategic development plans and whether there is going to be added value in the Public Services Board publishing its own strategic development plans.  The Chief Executive responded that the Public Services Boards should be viewed from a community perspective and the public services needed by the residents of the Island and Gwynedd.  He said that he was confident that there is a focus by the Board to improve the well-being of residents of Anglesey and Gwynedd and the partnership working with the voluntary sector creates opportunities especially in the current climate of poverty and the costs of living crisis;

·           Questions were raised as to the added value the Public Services Board gives to the residents of Anglesey.  The Chief Executive responded that it is an intention by the Public Services Board whilst establishing the next Well-being Plan to measure the priorities and targets within both local authorities and to ensure that there is a framework to measure the impact the Board can achieve in the future.


It was RESOLVED to accept the Gwynedd and Anglesey Public Services Board Annual Report 2021/22.  


ACTION : AS noted above. 

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