Agenda item

Matters Arising

·        To confirm that a letter has been sent to the WJEC regarding the cost of teacher training for the new RE “A” Level course syllabus and the availability of Welsh medium materials for the course syllabus.


·        To provide an update on progress/position at Ysgol Pencarnisiog.


·        To provide an update on the schools visited by the SACRE’s Members as part of the practice of observing collective worship periods as well as those schools which have issued an invitation for the coming term.


The Chair reported that Mr Rheinallt Thomas’s period of service as a representative on this Committee has come to an end after many years.

Mr Thomas has expressed that he wishes to stay in contact with the SACRE.


The Chair reminded the SACRE that there is a vacant seat on the Committee for a co-opted Member. A proposal was put forward to invite Mr Thomas to serve as a co-opted Member of the SACRE.  The process would involve suggesting to the Officers of the Sunday Schools Council on Anglesey that they appoint Mr Thomas as their representative.


ACTION:  Primary Education Officer to:-


  write to Mr Rheinallt Thomas inviting him to serve as a co-opted  Member of the SACRE; and if he and Officers of Anglesey’s Sunday Schools agree to the proposal,

  invite Officers to formalise the appointment.


The Primary Education Officer confirmed that a letter has been sent to the 

WJEC in July, raising the SACRE’s concerns in relation to the cost of teacher training for the new RE “A” Level course syllabus, and the availability of Welsh medium materials for the course. The Officer reported that he has not received a reply to the letter to date.


Mrs Heledd Hearn, Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern reported that training provision for the new GCSE course syllabus will be held in February, 2017 and will be free. She stated that the RE “A” Level curriculum is almost ready in English, and the Welsh will follow soon. It was noted that the WJEC have listened, even though they have not yet responded to the CYSAG.


Estyn Inspections – Spring 2016


The Systems Leader (GwE) provided an update on progress at Ysgol Pencarnisiog, which is currently monitored by Estyn. It was noted that following the Systems Leader’s visit to the school, the school responded immediately to Estyn’s comments, particularly the Foundation Phase. The Head Teacher was provided with exemplar materials to improve teaching practices at the school, and the school’s Challenge Adviser (GwE) will report back on progress soon.


The Systems Leader reported that she is confident that the school is responding well to Estyn’s recommendations, and will return to review RE provision at the school during the spring term, before Estyn’s follow up visit.


Schools’ Self-Evaluations


The Primary Education Officer reported that he contacted schools in September to ask them to consider inviting Members of the SACRE to observe collective worship periods. Although some schools responded positively to the request, it was noted that no further sessions had been attended by Members of the SACRE, and no invitations have been received for the coming term. Councillor Gwilym Jones offered to attend Ysgol Pencarnisiog to observe collective worship at the school.


Action: Primary Education Officer to contact the Head Teacher of Ysgol Pencarnisiog to arrange a visit for Councillor Gwilym Jones to observe collective worship at the school.


Mr Christopher Thomas referred to the word ‘INCERTS’ on the last bullet point on page 4 of the Minutes. He informed the SACRE that it is now referred to as ‘The Assessment Foundation’.


Reference was made to the RE curriculum in Catholic schools, and it was noted that the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers produce all materials for Roman Catholic schools.


Professor Euros W Jones sought clarity on Canon Robert Townsend’s response as Director of Education for the Diocese of Bangor to the Church’s use of terminology in RE. The matter was raised because Estyn, at times, describes ‘collective worship’ in schools as ‘joint worship’. It was noted that Church schools use the term ‘corporate worship’, but ‘collective worship’ can also be used by the Church, as religious groups come together to worship.